Caitlin Brings Fresh Clean water to around the World

Vineland Rotary club hosted their fellow member Caitlin Terry. Caitlin is a professional engineer, licensed in New Jersey. Since 2009, She has worked in remote villages worldwide (Central and Southeast Asia, East Africa, Central & South America, and the Caribbean). Caitlin is focus on helping people access safe drinking water and build appropriate sanitation facilities. She trains and equips Nationals to manually drill borehole water wells, construct rainwater catchment systems and latrines (outdoor toilets). She also trains basic hygiene practices and teach locals how to build hand-washing stations. Her passion is to help others to build on a foundation of Christ’s love for her and Caitlin desire to be an example of that love to every person she meets..

Caitlin works with Hydromissions International. The web site is

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Caitlin with one new wells and holding Vineland Rotary Club Banner.