Rotary Club of Vineland – Chartered December 20, 1920
Charter Restored
Charles Ackley and Howard Sharp attended the International Association of Rotary Clubs convention in Atlantic City in 1920 and helped the District’s third oldest come into existence. Ackley and Sharp decided to pursue a Rotary for their community one day while strolling the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Joseph A. McNamee, a member of the Atlantic City Rotary Club was appointed by the 5th District Governor to help the Vineland Club to become chartered. A formal organization took place October 15th at the Hotel Maretti and the club later became chartered December 20 at The Palms.

Sharp became the first president of the 16 member club and served two terms. Ackley became the second president. He is remembered as one of the most prominent Rotarians in Southern New Jersey history. He served as District Governor of what was then District 50 in 1928-29 and was the only Rotarian in the area who carried PRIVP after his name.

In 1929-30 Ackley became the Third Vice President of Rotary International, the highest position in Rotary ever held by a South Jersey Rotarian. Membership grew steadily and today Vineland is one of the largest clubs in the District. Rotary members continue to strive and outreach in the community while always putting “Service Above Self”.

Past Presidents of the Vineland Rotary Club

1920-22 W. Howard Sharp

1922-23 Charles Ackley, PRIVP

1923-24 C. Emerson Nash

1924-25 Henry R. Powell

1925-26 Gustavus E. Smith

1926-27 Alfred H. Otis

1927-28 Arthur Branson

1928-29 M. Benjamin Glover

1929-30 Burton S. Ells

1930-31 Howard G. Kulp

1931-32 Harry D. Doerr

1932-33 Elmer H. Wene

1933-34 James J. Black

1934-35 Lawrence M. Kimball

1935-36 William Carew

1936-37 H. Burton Walker

1937-38 Warren M. Maytrott

1938-39 Harley C. Gove, PDG

1939-40 Fred D. Snyder

1940-41 Howard M. Down

1941-42 Paul B. Brundage

1942-43 John C. MacMillan

1943-44 Joseph J. Truncer

1944-45 Edgar W. Davies

1945-46 Edwin E. Tombleson

1946-47 Richard N. Shindler

1947-48 Raymond L. Down

1948-49 John W. Wilson

1949-50 J. Robert Werry

1950-51 Howard E. English

1951-52 Harry J. VanLier

1952-53 William F. Dudley

1953-54 Ardah L. Donley

1954-55 Eldon J. Wainwright

1955-56 Walter Jacob

1956-57 Henry A. Garton

1957-58 Sol D. Gosman

1958-59 Arne E. Bernard

1959-60 Robert W. Hutchison

1960-61 William D. Winslow

1961-62 Robert Apgar

1962-63 Rudolph Foschi

1963-64 William H. Collins

1964-65 James R. Pepper

1965-66 Arthur P. Schalick, Jr.

1966-67 John B. Pagano, Jr.

1967-68 Clarence E. Howe

1968-69 Paul Chammings

1969-70 Donald K. Harker

1970-71 Philip A. Lirio

1971-72 Charles Cunningham

1972-73 Miles E. Drake

1973-74 Bruce A. Middleton

1974-75 Edward L. Bernhardt

1975-76 Franklin T. Kershner

1976-77 Tevis M. Goldhalft

1977-78 Lewis D. DeMarco

1978-79 Henry R. Hansen

1979-80 Otto Schwabe

1980-81 G. Benjamin Laury

1981-82 Dionisios Theokas

1982-83 Bruce A. Middleton

1983-84 W. Earle Everett

1984-85 Paul A. Casacci, Jr.

1985-86 Charles A. Loyle

1986-87 Robert J. Ponisi

1987-88 Gerald J. Batt

1988-89 Carl Kirstein

1989-90 Glenn Kahley

1990-91 James Moffatt

1991-92 Albert Marsh, PDG

1992-93 Luigi Tramontana

1993-94 David Schad

1994-95 Patrick Procaccino

1995-96 Kevin Curtis

1996-97 Charles Parrish

1997-98 Gustav Foster

1998-99 William Plick

1999-00 William Bertino

2000-01 Charles Girard, Esq

2001-02 Marianne Lods

2002-03 Edward Duffy, Esq.

2003-04 Hugh McCaffrey

2004-05 Robert Beaton

2005-06 George Steinbronn, Jr.

2006-07 Michael Loyle

2007-08 William Dudley, Jr.

2008-09 Elizabeth Frank

2009-10 James E. (Ted) Lane

2010-11 Linda Foster

2011-2012 Keith Petrosky

2012-2013 Edward Duffy

2013-2014 Edward Duffy

2014-2015 Kevin Bernhardt

2015-2016 Wayne Triantos

2016-2017 Susanna Philippoussis

2017-2018 Ken Dondero

2018-2019 Maureen Simmons

2019-2020 Sherry Soutiere