Members Hear from Newspaper Editor

Jason Alt, Regional Editor of The Daily Journal and The Courier Post was the speaker at last week’s lunch meeting.

Jason began his interest in journalism at a young age and has been with the Daily Journal since 2003.  The main focus of the newspaper is on “Watchdog Journalism” covering local city councils, boards and government issues.  He gave us an outline of what the “News Room of the Future” should include: The need to grow an audience; Use of Metrics, using actual data; and engage with the community.

With the use of Apps and programs that are now available, they can find out what the reader’s interests are.  They now have a full-time position dedicated to this area.  Programs help them track which articles are being read the most, the time spent reading them, the area of the country they are located, however, they cannot see “who” the actual individuals are.

Articles are promoted by use of Social Media, Facebook & Twitter.

It is very important to connect to the community.  They recently partnered with a local school raising awareness of the need for protective vests for our Canine Patrols.  This came from a reporter’s love of dogs and resulted in “positive change” helping raise over $7000 for the project bringing the community together in their efforts.

Circulation of the DJ is less than 10,000 and the Courier Post, 35,000.  They are expanding in the Bridgeton area, however, the primary focus is Vineland/Millville.  There are 500-700 digital only paying customers.

Although some newspapers have not survived, Jason and his staff are working hard to keep The Daily Journal and The Courier Post going strong!