The Edward L. Bernhardt Memorial Scholarship $1,000

The Edward L. Bernhardt is a $1,000 scholarship for a CCTEC Interact member that meets the following criteria: This scholarship is not restricted to college or university training, but shall also include training or schooling in non-academic fields or endeavors. Awards are made payable to the recipient and/or the educational provider.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
• Must be a United States citizen.
• Must be a high school graduate.
• Must be a CC-TEC student in good standing.
• Must be a CC-TEC interact member.
• Must demonstrate positive character.
• Must demonstrate intelligence standards.
• Must demonstrate scholastic ability.

Applicants shall demonstrate, by high school performance, the potential for successful college/Trade school work. Scholastic standing, while important, shall be one of several factors to be considered. Applicants must have high ideals and have demonstrated integrity, purposefulness, initiative and sense of social responsibility. Employment experience will also be considered.