Thank You for Many Years of Service

Thank You Word Cloud in vector format

At the club’s meeting on May 6, 2015, Ed Morvay awarded Milestone Pins to the following members:

Bruce Middleton, 51 years

Henry Hansen, 50 years

Ed Bernhardt, 45 years

Charles Girard, 45 years

Charles Loyle, 40 years

Charles Parrish, 40 years

Dan Theokas, 40 years

Al Marsh, 40 years

Jerry Batt, 35 years

Bill Dudley, 35 years

Gus Foster, 35 years

Pat Proccaccino, 35 years

Kevin Bernhardt, 30 years

Carl Johnson, 30 years

Carl Kirstein, 30 years

Keith Petrosky, 30 years

Bill Plick, 30 years

Mike Benson, 25 years

Marty Hoag, 25 years

Bob Beaton, 25 years

Mike Loyle, 25 years

Ron McMahon, 25 years

Gloria Noto, 25 years

Ron Pierson, 25 years

Rush Ridgway, 25 years

Dave Schad, 25 years

Wayne Triantos, 25 years

Congratulations to all for your many years of dedicated service!

Photo Credit:  Dollar Photo Club, photosoup