Vineland Rotary Awards Scholarship Totaling $25,500

The 2019 Scholarship dinner was held at the Savoy June 4th. 

Susanna Philippoussis introduced the members of the Scholarship Committee. Susanna along with Sherry Soutiere introduced each recipient who was presented with their award.

The following are the recipients of the 2019 Scholarships, totaling $25,500:

• Harry Kejzman Memorial Scholarship $1000 – Kara Kuchinski, VHS
• Shaye Kotok Memorial Scholarship $1500 – Roselynne Marie Miller, MHS
• John Spaltore/Matt Blatt Most Inspirational Scholarship $2500 – Joyce M. Reaves, VHS
• Les Kotok Memorial Scholarship $1500 – Lucas E. Portadin, VHS
• SNJ Today’s Hometown hero $2500 – Mackenzie E. Oliver, MHS
• Harry Doerr Memorial Scholarship $1000 each – Dinora Angel-Ramierez, CCC; Emily O’Neill, Rutgers; Oleh Chernenko, Rowan
• Rev. C. Ross Collins Memorial Scholarship $1500 – Sophia Gerner, SJHS
• Vineland Rotary Memorial Scholarship Tribute to Deceased Rotarians $1000 – Lauren Kavanagh, MHS
• Cumberland County College University Center Scholarship $1000 – Heather Reese, CCC
• Otto Schwabe Memorial Scholarship $1500 – Raesha Campbell, VHS
• William F. Dudley Sr. Memorial Scholarship $1500 – Sakshi Takkar, VHS
• Bruce and Lois Middleton Scholarship $1000 – Emily Corson, SHS
• Elizabeth “Betty” Dondero Memorial Scholarship $1500 – Ariel N. Woodfall, CCC
• Kimball Cup Vineland Rotary Lawrence M. Kimball Outstanding Scholarship Award $1000 – Sara Parks, VHS
• Jersey Fresh Scholarship $1500 – Jenna Delgado, BHS
• Spirit of Rotary Scholarship $1000 – Caityn Muller, CCC
• Edward F. Duffy Memorial Scholarship $1000 – Jacqueline Reyes, CCC

Special thanks to Dondero Jewelers for the donation of the Kimball Cup and the Scholarship Committee for all their hard work.

All of the recipients were very accomplished throughout their high school and/or college years and we wish them all the best as they continue their education to reach their goals in life.